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Educational outcomes

Educational outcomes

Starting in Group 1, students receive a report card three times per year. The first report, given out in the autumn, covers the social and emotional development of the student. The 2nd report, given out in the spring, and the 3rd, the end of year report, provide information about your child’s academic development. Students in our Upper Foundation group receive a social and emotional report during the term that they start at the ISE and an academic report in their final term.

Dutch Language Department

Extensive discussions take place about the potential options for secondary education with the parents/ guardians of children in Group 8 in the spring and the school’s recommendation is provided as well. A Primary School Final Examination is also administered. Generally speaking the results of these examinations tend to confirm the school’s recommendation. The school’s recommendation carries the most weight because it reaches far deeper than the results produced by three mornings of Primary School Final Examinations. This recommendation also takes the personality, study habits, stamina, family situation and the interests of the student into consideration. The final choices are made in March and the parents are responsible for registering their child at an appropriate school for secondary education. An educational report is provided for the chosen secondary school and parents will receive a copy.

Guiding the Transition of Students into Secondary Education

An information evening is held for parents/guardians of Group 8 students to explain the different aspects related to the upcoming choice of schools in general terms. This includes the time schedule. Before the students take the ‘IEP’ Primary School Final Examination, the school issues a recommendation concerning their school options. Based on this recommendation an individual meeting is held with the parents/guardians of the relevant student to discuss the options open to the student in selecting a secondary education path. Information brochures will be distributed at the school concerning individual secondary schools. Information about open houses held at these schools will also be provided to the students in a timely manner.

Students will visit several secondary schools in the area.