SCHOOL GUIDE 2023-2024
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At the ISE

Group-teacher assignments for the International and Dutch streams

The school uses the “leerstof-jaarklassensysteem”, an age-based study programme group system. The next page shows the sub-division for the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year. Each June/July parents receive a letter with the new formation for the following year. jaar.

International Department

1C: Ms. M Mrozowska & Ms. H Merisalo
1D: Ms. L Ribas
1E: Ms. B Chapman
2C: Ms. T Register
2D: Ms M Touw & Ms. P Singh
2E: Ms. I Vasiljeva
3B: Ms. E Ayanrinde
3C: Ms. G Jurado
3D: Ms. A Fernandez & Ms. R Rosa
3E: Ms. H Giffen & Ms. C Parrot
4B: Ms. N van Oort
4C: Ms. R Hennes
4D: Ms. V Machado
4E: Ms. C O’Riordan
5C: Ms. A Geenen
5D: Ms. C Taylor
5E: Ms. C Kemperman
5F: Ms. T Garavito Badaracco & Ms. R Weterings
6B: Ms. E Jaiswal & Ms. A Manders
6C: Ms. L Menting
6D: Ms. M Andriosopoulou
6E: Ms. A Lubeek & Ms H Viljoen
7B: Ms. S Holmes & Ms. L Luijten
7C: Ms. P Kay & Mr. A Smith
7D: Ms. L Woodgate
7E: Ms. M Peters
7F: Mr. K Vlasblom

Dutch Bilingual Department

1 / 2 A: Ms. M van der Wielen
1 / 2 B: Ms. K Courbois & Ms. P Smeets
3A: Ms. M Pashouwers & Ms. M Lubbers
4A: Ms. T Schmitz & Ms. H de Rijke
5A: Ms. I Brouns & Ms. Y van Lierop
5B: Mr. L Williams & Ms. J van Overbeek
6A: Mr. H Verhagen
7A: Ms. M. Manger