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Student activities


A number of recurring special activities take place at our school every year. There are activities that are directly related to the educational environment and activities that take place outside learning hours, in which children are free to participate: various excursions, special theme afternoons, visits to various companies or institutions, Sinterklaas celebrations, Christmas celebrations, Carnival, school camp, practical traffic test, visit to a playground, school trips, sports day, etc. Many of the above activities are organized by or with the assistance of parents/guardians.

Extracurricular activities

The type of education at our school is not just limited to preparing and giving lessons within the confines of a building and/or playground. Sometimes we give our lessons outside the confines of the school. In view of the fact that extracurricular activities also entail certain risks, a set of conditions has been established that governs these types of activities. Informing parents/guardians prior to the activity and obtaining their approval is given special attention in this respect. Parents/guardians who entrust their children to the school must feel confident that extracurricular activities are organized in an appropriate and responsible manner.

The risks of accidents during extracurricular activities are generally greater than they are at school. The school has an off-site policy to communicate the expectations that apply to all staff when involved in any visits with students that take place away from the school site. The safety and wellbeing of students is the most important factor and all actions planned or taken must ensure that they are safe and secure at all times. For any off-site visit there will be a designated coordinator who will take the lead. This coordinator will follow the steps outlined in the policy when organizing an extracurricular activity.

Proper insurance is key in this regard. The school has negotiated a liability insurance policy. This means that if something should happen to a student, an activity leader appointed by the school can be held liable for this, the school is insured if the accident occurs during school activities. This insurance covers personnel, students, student teachers, parents/guardians and volunteers who are involved during this activity on behalf of the school. In addition there is a supplementary insurance which covers damages that are not covered by the parent/guardian’s own (health) insurance.

  • Activities are always conducted under the school’s responsibility.
  • Final responsibility is never transferred to another organization or person.
  • Activities fit within our educational objectives.
  • Activities may be supervised by personnel as well as non-personnel members.
  • Leaders will be at least 18 years old and be familiar to the students.
  • Leaders of extracurricular activities are aware of the responsibility they carry for another’s child and take steps to ensure the safety of the students.
  • Parents/guardians receive prior notice of extracurricular activities and give their approval.

The assumption is that parents/guardians approve their child’s participation in extracurricular activities. Parents/guardians lend their approval to such activities by signing a permission form at the beginning of each school year. Parents of students starting during the course of the year, will receive a permission form in their first week at school.

The option of parents/guardians to refuse to give permission for their child to participate in an extracurricular activity is respected. In other words, their child will not participate in that activity but will remain at school. The school will meet with these parents/guardians to discuss their concerns.